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3 Ways Pretesting Can Help Your Clients After a Disaster

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

Technician checking out ceiling fan, debris on the floor of a property Technicians assess the property for damage and determine a plan of action.

Pretesting After a Disaster: How It Can Benefit Your Clients

After a disaster in South Colleton County, SC, it is the task of the insurance company to help clients as quickly and thoroughly as possible. It is also important to keep costs down where you can. Here are ways pretesting can help you meet those goals for your clients.

1. Determining the Full Extent of Damage
When a professional mitigation service begins the restoration process, the first step is to conduct a thorough inspection. Technicians assess the property for damage and determine a plan of action.
As an example, technicians inspect a home after a flood to locate the source of the water damage. They also determine the level of contamination, if any. They check for safety concerns as well.

2. Assessing What Areas Are Not Damaged
Treating areas that are not damaged can add unnecessary costs to an insurance claim. The restoration company's technicians can look for intact areas and secure them before damage spreads. After a storm blows off part of a warehouse roof, professionals can add tarps to prevent more water and debris from entering the building.

3. Pretesting Materials
Technicians can begin testing materials in the damaged areas to determine whether they can be cleaned. They can also assess which cleaning methods are the best for the situation.
This step is helpful because it saves money if items can be restored instead of replaced. It can potentially protect the client's keepsakes and prized belongings, too. Professionals can then report their findings to the insurance agent. After a fire, for example, cleaning window treatments may remove smoke odor, and they won't need replacing.
SERVPRO believes pretesting is an integral part of a restoration. That is one reason many insurance agencies designate it as a preferred vendor. SERVPRO helps your South Colleton County, SC, clients get back to normal quickly and lower costs.

How SERVPRO’s Business Model Aids Insurers

8/14/2022 (Permalink)

Tablet and cel phone. SERVPRO's claims inventory service

How the Business Model of SERVPRO Benefits Insurers

When a fire or storm damages a business, there are many working parts that go into fixing it. This process can be daunting for business owners when there is a disconnect between the crew cleaning up and restoring the property and the insurance agent involved. Luckily, the building restoration professionals at SERVPRO set distinct standards to facilitate the process for insurers. Here is a closer look at the benefits of this model should you require these services for a commercial property in South Colleton County, SC.

1. Emergency Response to Every Insurance Claim
The local franchise team selected to repair a damaged property will always provide a fast, emergency response. This gives both building owners and insurance agents alike the peace of mind that the space will be attended to immediately. This way, expediting the claim and restoration process can limit the overall time spent getting the building back to its previous condition, a key factor for any impacted business owner.

2. Pretesting To Reduce Claims Expense
Claims professionals assisting SERVPRO's local franchise in South Colleton County, SC, will carry out pretesting in any damaged property. This practice effectively minimizes the overall insurance claim expense by determining whether the building and its contents should be restored or replaced. Restoration is typically more cost-effective than replacement, so this model can save insurance companies money.

3. An Itemized Claims Inventory Service
Both insurance holders and agents will benefit from the use of SERVPRO's claims inventory service. This advanced system for tracking claims provides an itemized collection of losses within the property and includes photographs of important items. This is key for staying on top of the total loss per insurance claim.
Insurers and their clients will benefit from the fast response, pretesting, and inventory service that SERVPRO's restoration experts provide. These components help expedite the claims process and get damaged properties back to working condition quickly.

How Does SERVPRO Help With Claims?

7/4/2022 (Permalink)

Firefighters putting out a fire in a big building Commercial fire damage in Hilton Head, SC.

When your clients in Hilton Head, SC, have suffered property damage due to flood or fire, they expect timely help to get their property restored and their lives back to normal. Insurance adjusters rely on the professional service of their local restoration experts to get the job done.

How Does SERVPRO help with claim services?

Our commitment is to get your clients back to their lives as quickly as possible while minimizing cost and inconvenience. 

1. Response Time In the course of emergency response, every moment of delay can allow the water, smoke, or fire to spread to other areas of the property. To minimize damage, you need restoration experts who can be on site quickly and know what to do immediately upon arrival.
We have over 1,900 locations across the US and Canada, and we respond to emergencies 24/7. Our professionals can be on-site in most locations and initiate claim services in a matter of hours.

2. Cost Consciousness Our quick response to your client’s emergency is a significant cost-saver; the less time the damage has to spread through the structure, the better. Limiting the extent of loss reduces the cost of the repair. We also employ pretesting to prevent rebuilding what should be restored instead.

3. Client Satisfaction We work to assure your clients’ satisfaction with every restoration. By maintaining transparent communication throughout the project and only working with quality vendors, we ensure that the job gets done right, with minimal disruption to the client’s life. 

4. Professional Service We strive for excellence in every aspect of restoration. Our goal is to provide exceptional claim services to every client. The restoration and repair experts we work with receive state-of-the-art training. They are focused on providing the service and consideration your clients deserve throughout the process.
As an insurance professional, you will receive the support you need to provide your clients with the help that they expect.

Do These 6 Things Before a Large Loss Response Team Arrives

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

Furniture damaged by floodwaters moved outside in a home. Set out all furniture to dry.

Do These 6 Things Before a Large Loss Response Team Arrives

If your company has faced a catastrophic loss in Beaufort City, SC, from flooding, you need help on a large scale to restore your business to its original state "Like it never even happened." SERVPRO can send Disaster Recovery Teams to assist the SERVPRO Franchise Professionals in your area to help you rebuild faster.
As the water recedes, authorities will give the go-ahead to return to your property. Keep these things in mind while waiting for disaster professionals to arrive.

1. Wear Protective Gear
When entering your property make sure you're wearing sturdy shoes and protective clothing for protection against injury.

2. Keep the Power Off
When you're standing in wet or even damp areas, don't turn on any electrical appliances.

3. Stay Away From Black Water-Contaminated Items After Storm Damage
Water coming from a stream or river as well as a creek is considered black water. The same goes with water that's come through insulation. Stay away from anything that has come into contact with this water after a catastrophic loss.

4. Set Out All Furniture To Dry
Carry out all of your furniture to allow it to dry. Remove all of the cushions and prop them vertically so they can dry out faster. Wipe down any wood surfaces and other items to prevent catastrophic loss from accumulating.

5. Throw Away Contaminated Food
Anything that has come in contact with floodwaters should be thrown away for your own protection, even canned goods.

6. Watch Out for Mold Growth
The collection of moisture in areas such as crawl spaces can encourage mold growth, so be aware and have professionals treat those problem areas right away.
Suffering a loss after a catastrophic event can be devastating, but with the help of a Large Loss Response Team, your business will be good as new.